Do do do... looking at furniture I can't afford
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B&B Italia Up 2000 (this looks like a fat chick in a 50s swimsuit)

Artifort ABCD sofa

B&B Italia Moon System sofa and ottoman

B&B Italia UP4 loveseat

B&B Italia outdoor benches

Capellini And/DN1 (notice the guy)

I really want to get quotes for 4 of them, but I'll probably just end up depressed. Nose to grindstone and maybe one day...

Beauty Post
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This is my ultra-pampering routine, affectionately referred to as a whore's bath.

Start with hair tied up in a high bun.

Start with removing unwanted hair on both sets of lips

grocery/drug store
Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

grocery/drug store
Sally Hanson Simply Smooth Hair Removal

Hop in the shower after times up and start rinsing/wiping off.
Turn off water and scrub shoulders to soles with scrub.

grocery/drug store
Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Use a gentler scrub on face and neck.

online or specialty retailer
Pevonia Exfoliating cleanser

Apply a mineral mask to decolletage and face.

online or china town (in my case)
Borghese Fango Mud Mask

Read instructions, don't let it dry. Rinse off in shower.
Now that you're done putting products on your face, you can wash your hair

some grocery stores/specialty retailers
Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner

Shave legs, underarms and clean up what the Sally Hanson missed in your nethers.

grocery/drg store
Gillette Mach 3

Pumice feet

grocery/drug store
Pumice Stone

Use Clarisonic with body brush head and your favorite smelling shower gel.

department/beauty store
Clarisonic and body brush

department store/beauty store
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Perfumed Shower Gel

And this concludes the shower part. On to the lotions!

If you're using heat on your hair, protect it.

some grocery stores/specialty retailers
Kerastase Nectar Thermique

I like using an alpha-hydroxy acid on my face, neck, chest, shoulders, upper back and booty. One for face, one for body.

grocery/drug store (over the RX counter)
Aqua Glycolic Face Cream
Aqua Glycolic Hand & Body Lotion

For arms, legs and nethers I like to use a perfumed lotion.

department/beauty store
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique

Omg, are we done yet? What else could possibly be left?
Clean your ears. Trim and clean your nails and toe nails. Pluck your eyebrows. Trim your eyebrows. Trim any visible nose hair.

After all of this you should be;
really clean
really soft
really smooth
really fragrant

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House hunting

Looked at 8 condos yesterday. Nothing was right. Click to see more of each place.

lol, has yet to even be built! Love it, but not waiting 9 months or whatever.

Too much, would have to pop out kids or smthg to fill it. It was HUGE.

ugh ugh ugh, would need lots of updating. Someone put in an offer today, have fun with that.

ugh ugh ugh, more massive updating.

♥ this one. Just little things wrong that can't ever be fixed and I know something better will come along.

really liked this one too. But waaay more updates than I want to do.

:'( Love this, but the living area was ridiculously small. Badass kitchen, but kitchens shouldn't be bigger than living rooms.

My favorite. Would have bought it on the spot. Until I saw the water damage on both floors from an improperly sealed chimney. It's sadly a money pit.

Located in a sad, concrete only complex on busy street.

It's so easy
Getting the strong, beautiful body you want is so easy. And you don't have to give up what "they" tell you to.

Me. 102 lbs lean mass (total weight minus lbs of fat), exercise 4 days a week.
Maintain my weight. 1900-2000 calories. 100g protein. 50g fat. the rest, carbs.
Lose weight. 1500-1700 calories. 100g protein. 50g fat. the rest, carbs.
Gain weight. 2200-2400 calories. 100g protein. 50g fat. the rest, carbs.

Notice a pattern?
Maintain weight. Lean weight x 19.5. give or take
Lose weight. Lean weight x 16. give or take
Gain weight. Lean weight x 23. give or take

Lean weight x 1 = protein needed
Lean weight x .5 = fat needed
Fill in the rest with carbs.

I get to eat 275g carbs when maintaining my weight! That's a very happy amount.
200g when losing fat. Still happy, not as happy.
Over 350g when gaining muscle. VERY HAPPY amount.

Food restrictions? NONE.

Workouts are a "breeze" (okay, they're intense, but really short) Just 2 sets of 10-12 reps, with about a minutes rest in between.
Warm-up & cool down stretching take up half the time. Usually done in 45 mins.

-Dumbbell Rows
-Incline Press
-Lateral Raises
-Rear Delt Flies

-Back Squats
-Leg Curls
-Step Ups
-Barbell Hip Thrusts

-Inverted Rows
-Dumbbell Bench Press
-Lat Pull-downs
-Lateral Rows
-Lying External Rotations

-Elevated Split Squats
-Walking Lunges
-Hanging Leg Raises

No cardio required. Although sometimes I do out of pity for my lung capacity.

Easy. No 1200 calorie, fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, enjoyable-free diet. No hours of cardio every day. Smarter, not harder.

Taking a lent
40 days of no t.v.

RHOA ended
RHOOC has nothing but insufferable idiots
Project Runway finale is going to Michelle & I don't want to watch her win

RHONJ comes back June 2nd, will resume t.v. watching.

You're so vain...
Beyonce being Beyonce

girl, at least you're no diver/gymnast

C'mon wig!
All I want is to be accepted in life. Why do I get rejected everytime I try?

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